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Digital image, High-Res/Unlimited Use
Digital image, Social Media
Digital image, Instant Download *
* When offered. Not available for all shows.
All high-res and social media images are cropped and color corrected.
Instant download images are NOT cropped or color corrected.
With the "Digital, Social Media", you are free to use the photograph on your websites and the various social medial sites. You are also free to share the photograph with all of your friends. This is not suitable for use in magazines or for printed advertisements.
With the "Digital, High-Res/Unlimited Use", in addition to being free to use the photograph on your website and the various social media sites, and sharing the photograph with your friends, you are also free to use the photograph in ads and to print the photograph. You may do this yourself, or have the photograph printed at Costco, Walmart, your favorite drug store, etc.